SkyClip SkyClip

Get stuff from A to B. Fast.

Upload anything, and share it faster than ever before!

Layover for your stuff

SkyClip was built out of the need to quickly and easily get stuff from one place to another, with total disregard for long-term storage.

Sharing is easy, as it should be.

To share something, drag it into the app and select who to share with. Additionally, you can drag a contact from the sidebar to a clip.

Super-charge your clipboard!

Often, the clipboard isn't enough; you copy things a lot, and you usually need something you had on your clipboard earlier when it's too late.

Clip it! When it's on SkyClip, it's not taking up space on your desktop, and you'll have access to it anywhere you're logged in.

Apps coming!

SkyClip's web app has been designed to be accessible on all devices, big and small. However, nothing beats an application that integrates tightly into the platform on which it runs.

Get started, it's free!

SkyClip is currently in open beta, with no paid option as of yet. Don't worry, you will always be able to use SkyClip for free!

So what are you waiting for?