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Jeff Hansen
Jeff Hansen
Founder, developer

I am a developer from Denmark, who likes to dabble in UI/UX as well. I take care of all aspects of the development of SkyClip, and strive for clean, maintainable and well-architected code, the contrary is what keeps me up at night.

Being a developer, it lies in my very nature to be lazy which is why I started working on SkyClip, because I got tired of emailing myself text and files just to access it on a different device.

When I am not programming, I am either thinking about programming or spending time with my girlfriend.

Jeff Hansen
Jon West
Marketing, organizational stuff, developer

I am an entrepreneur and self taught developer from the states. I handle and advise business development, marketing and planning. I will occasionally dabble in the development of SkyClip when I'm not planning the long term scope of the business.

I like cats, JavaScript, and RedBull. I'd also like this to not sound like a dating profile.